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The successful launch of a new brand to take Foodbuy on a journey

Foodbuy is a 3rd party procurement company providing a unique range of services. With a successful brand and company already existing in the USA, it was time to venture into Europe and create Foodbuy Europe.

Foodbuy business cards

The Challenge

Foodbuy Europe required a strong brand presence that reflected the connectivity and the journey from supplier to customer member. They also required various materials to roll out the Foodbuy Europe brand including corporate stationery, brochures, email templates, infographics, website and animation.

Foodbuy Brochure

The Brand

After an initial research stage and scope sessions with the Foodbuy team, we created a brand that resonates the quality, strengths and values of the offer and the company. Foodbuy’s design style contributes hugely to the brands distinctive aesthetic.

Foodbuy Website

Animating the journey

Understanding the process of the Foodbuy offer was a key deliverable so that it was understood. The easiest way to communicate this was to develop infographics and ultimately, an animation on their website.


Foodbuy Slide 1
Foodbuy Slide 2
Foodbuy Slide 3
Foodbuy Slide 4

The Foodbuy logo has been created to communicate a sense of connectivity, journey and partnership, which is important to the business. The identity now has a strong connective concept, communicating the process of sourcing and delivering high quality procurement to all clients.

Vivid orange and deep teal are unique brand colours, and have been used to help to stand out above the rest.

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